Jackpot.com - Casino & Lottery UK Review 2024 + 50 No Wager Free Spins

5.0 / 5

Many people dream of hitting the jackpot and that’s why so many players feel like winners when they choose to play with Jackpot.com. If you’ve never heard of them, then you’re looking at one of the finest, international lottery providers in the world. Players globally trust jackpot.com to provide them access to their favorite lotteries from around the world - are there any lotto fans that want a one stop shop? You’ve found it with Jackpot.com.

General information

Jackpot.com sets itself apart from other gaming websites thanks to its customer-centric approach to providing access to these lotteries and games. Its excellent reputation comes from years of providing excellent customer service and its commitment to promptly paying out winnings to its customers. This commitment to excellence in customer service has won over the loyalty of many players and continues to be a big reason for many new players to swap to Jackpot.com.

Website and mobile app

Jackpot.com welcomes players with a clean and easy to navigate website. With the games clearly categorized into Lotteries, Scratchcards, Games and Live Casino.

The team behind Jackpot.com constantly strives to present a smooth experience online. This is not limited to personal computers anymore though and an excellent experience is expected both on pc and mobile devices. The team from Jackpot.com proudly present a fantastic gaming experience that is mobile friendly as they understand that most players do not always have the luxury of checking into the site from a desktop, so a mobile compatible website was developed so players can log-in whether they are on a train, having a quick break or waiting in a long queue - Jackpot.com will be there with them.

Casino games

Jackpot.com is meticulous about providing only the very best to its customers and this is why they handpick only the top games that providers have to offer. This way, their players know they are playing only the best games that providers can offer. 

Jackpot offers players some top casino classics like Poker, Baccarat, BlackJack & Roulette.

Slots make some of the most noise in a real casino but you can’t call it a casino without having these classics available in the house. Jackpot.com offers players an excellent selection in this regard as a classic form is available but so are versions with special wilds or extra game features that players can use to really up-the-ante in their game.

Are you a die-hard Casino Classics fan? Do you have a soft spot for table games? Well Jackpot.com also offers a live casino option that puts a real croupier in front of you. This live croupier will deal out cards or spin the roulette wheel for every game like you would experience in a real life casino, the only difference is that you see them on your screen. Should you need help, the croupier can also explain game rules and any extra functionality that might be available to use.

A fun little extra that the live casino section also offers is the Television style Game Show games - like a big wheel of fortune. Ok sure you can’t spin it yourself but one of the lovely croupiers will be more than happy to give it a spin for you - who knows, maybe your spin will land on one of our massive grand prizes.


Jackpot.com is constantly putting out different options for players and these are always changing. Make sure to check out this section frequently as new offers are released daily and many don’t last that long. Different games will get different promotional offers so a massive offer on one game will not necessarily apply to another. If a day’s offers don't apply to your favorite games, don’t fret, check back tomorrow and you might find a new one that does. With Jackpot.com, you’ll play more.

Opening an account

Signing up to Jackpot.com couldn't be easier. A straightforward sign-up process that gets you into the heart of the action very quickly, and for those that want, they can even sign-up with facebook to make the process even faster. 

Once you’re all set, you can place bets and you’ll also start getting all our hot offers in your “My Promo” section. Here you’ll be notified of all the hot promotions that you can make use of to maybe get yourself that edge to land that big win.

Deposits and withdrawals

Jackpot insists on getting winnings to players as quickly as possible which is a point that Jackpot.com has built a strong part of its reputation on. Nothing any players will complain about certainly, but this seemingly insignificant point puts players minds at ease that they will be guided through a straightforward process that will give them their winnings quickly. 

With an international audience, Jackpot is equipped to handle requests from all four corners of the globe and in a multitude of payment options. Players can use any of the following Visa, MasterCard, Applepay, PayPal and Trustly. Any of these options can be used to deposit or withdraw funds - the system will typically try to send funds back to players with the same method used to deposit them. 

In the event that a massive win is awarded, like a player winning a jackpot, Jackpot.com will call and e-mail the winner to begin the process of crediting the winnings and discuss timeframes and withdrawal options. Players can rest assured that should they win big, they will be guided and looked out for.

Customer support

Another pillar that holds up Jackpot.com’s strong reputation is their customer centric approach to customer support. This sounds a little obvious but all too often we are faced with a situation which is a little out of ordinary and we wish the customer support we received actually focused on resolving the issue rather than excuse the problem. 

Jackpot.com has been praised numerous times for their prompt approach to solving a problem and focusing on getting the customer what they need. By going out of their way to resolve issues, many customers have been assisted out of some difficulty and have become more loyal to the brand than they had been before they approached the issue - after all it’s not about how you operate when things are going smoothly but rather when they don’t that counts.

Players will find available to them a 24/7 live chat that will connect players with the support team. Contacting the support team is easy through their live chat, via email, or via phone between 11:00 - 22:00 CET or via facebook chat. Don’t hesitate to get in touch -  they really are there to help.


To wrap up, Jackpot.com can easily be described as a Go-to gaming website that players can rely on and can get comfortable with. Jackpot celebrates their reputation of providing access to the world’s biggest lotteries, a highly responsive support team and an exceptional website that offers an outstanding experience both on desktop and mobile. Players can rest assured that when playing with Jackpot.com, they are choosing a world class website.

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