LotteryWorld India Review 2024 - Buy 2 Tickets, Get 2 Free

5.0 / 5

When players first discover, they are quickly surprised by the simple and welcoming layout of the website. An easy to navigate website though is only the start as LotteryWorld have been gathering an excellent reputation as a reliable gaming website with a strong customer centric approach that is quickly winning over new players.  

Casino games

Lottery world offers its players an excellent selection of big lotteries from around the world that they can try their luck on. Whether it's the massive Powerball or the EuroMillions, the biggest lotteries are on offer and you too can try your luck on them by becoming a LotteryWorld player. But it doesn’t stop there. LotteryWorld also offers an impressive selection of games and live games that players can enjoy.

The games include an outstanding selection of slots selected from the top games that providers have to offer. These games are often paired with a variety of offers and promotions that players can take advantage of for a chance at snatching a win.

Despite slot machines being the most popular symbol of the casino, you can’t call it a casino without a few classics like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. A variety of options to play these on are available - whether you just want a classic game or would like to see features with a modern twist available in your game, is an excellent choice to play on. 

Some players however will tell you that a casino game with a real life croupier is a completely different experience to a game that is managed by the system. also offers a Live Casino section, where players can enjoy some of the most popular casino games but with a live croupier who will deal and manage the games and players. These professional croupiers will provide commentary on the games as they progress as well as offer assistance or information should a player be unsure about game rules or game features. 

The presence of a dealer is something that many have described as a very different experience to that of playing versus a computer. When playing versus the system, the player can take their time, as well as leave the system to wait for them to do whatever they want, be it make some coffee, write an e-mail or answer the front door - playing with a croupier however has been described as far more exciting. Having a professional dealing your cards to you, calling out what’s going on in the game and saying the Hollywood cliche line “We have a winner.” is exactly as cool as you imagine it to be. 

Bonuses is constantly creating and sending out new promos to its players on everything from lotteries, slots to scratchcards - and new ones come out nearly everyday. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to a section called my promos and you’ll find all promo offers here. We advise you to check this section daily for new hot promos, if none of your favorite games are featured in new promos, simply check back the following day for new promos that might feature one of your games.

Website & mobile app

LotteryWorld offers players an outstandingly efficient website with easy to navigate sections, so that players can easily navigate through to their favorite games. LotteryWorld's straightforward approach is easy to pick up on, whether you are accessing from a desktop or a mobile phone. 

The team behind the website understands that many players do not have the luxury of being able to sit down everyday at their computer at home to check out the latest draw results, the hottest games as well as the latest promos. So a super responsive mobile version was developed for customers to have a seamless experience between the phone and the desktop version.

Opening an account

Opening an account with LotteryWorld is a super straightforward process. You won’t find ridiculously long forms to fill out, only essential information is requested or alternatively you can opt to sign up with facebook and have the system automatically fill out most of the information for you. 

You’ll need to have your account set up so that you can receive your winnings as well as get access to the “My Promo” section. This is where you will find all the promotional offers that are available for you to take advantage of - maybe one of them will give you an edge to snatch a win.

Deposits & withdrawals

A website with such a diverse and international audience needs options to cater to customer’s needs and lotteryworld is no different. Players can use any of the following Visa, MasterCard, Applepay, PayPal and Trustly. Any of these options can be used to deposit or withdraw funds - the system will typically try to send funds back to players with the same method used to deposit them. 

Should a player win a massive grand prize, like a lottery jackpot, then the team at will reach out with a phone call and an e-mail to discuss the best methods for paying out the winnings as well as discuss timeframes within which the players can expect to have the funds. 

LotteryWorld has notably built a reputation for themselves that they prefer to pay out winnings as quickly as possible. This is certainly not a problem for the players but it is important to note that this attitude to put the player first is winning over the loyalty of many players - if you won a massive lotto through them, how fast do you think they can get your winnings to you?

Customer support

The customer support offered by Lotteryworld is a stellar example of what customer centric behavior is. One of the foundational principles of LotteryWorld is the proactive approach to customer service. A focus on issue resolution rather than a long explanation to absolve, has put customers at ease as well as won over the loyalty of players that simply want a straightforward approach.

Reaching out to the customer support team is easy with their 24/7 live chat. Contacting the support team is easy through their live chat, via email, via phone between 11:00 - 22:00 CET or via facebook chat. Don’t hesitate to get in touch -  they really are there to help.


LotteryWorld is, in short, a first class standard of a gaming experience. LotteryWorld is an excellent example of what a gaming website should be. Players are greeted with a clean and straightforward approach across all processes. LotteryWorld enjoys this reputation thanks to its highly responsive website, a highly responsive support team and a customer centric mindset. Players can put their minds at ease when playing with LotteryWorld that they are playing with a trustworthy partner.

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